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Dance Journey Miraval Day 4

We are so sad to see this amazing trip come to an end, however, we have so many great memories to take back home.

Class Schedule:

9am Farewell Lyrical w/ Todd

Have safe travels back to your homes and keep dancing! :)

Our next Miraval event will be May 14-17th 2020.

Till next time! We love you all. Tracey, Russell and Todd! :)

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1 Comment

Just returned from my THIRD Dance Journey Miraval event. Another fabulous 3+ day event by my three favorite choreographers (and friends). Great to see old friends and make new ones. Our flash mob performance Saturday night was a big hit, and once again I cried my eyes out at our farewell Over The Rainbow lyrical class. A big thank you to Todd,Tracey and Russell for bringing such joy into my life. Hope to see you again in May 2020 💃❤️

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